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Southern California is home to some of the most gorgeous beaches in the country, with nearly half the state’s boundaries surrounded by water. Every area has its own luxury resorts offering golfing and beaches, but weeding through the pack to find the best ones can seem daunting. To save time, here’s a list of some of the best resorts for beaches and golfing in Southern California.

Some might argue that the best golfing in the country is in Palm Springs, but for those looking to also the enjoy the beach, Palm Springs is too far removed from the ocean. Instead look to San Diego. The Pala Mesa Golf Resort offers proximity to Carlsbad Beach, and Oceanside Beach, and an 18 hole par-72 golf course on site. The Pala Messa Golf Course was named one of the top 10 golf courses in the county in 2006. Located near the resort are a variety of other opportunities including wine tasting and hot air balloon rides. For the golfers, the resort also offers a special “Unlimited Golf Package” that includes two days of golf and a room at the resort, starting at only $99 a night.

Orange County is another option in Southern California, and the best resort with both great beaches and golfing is Laguna Rivera Resort on the Beach in Laguna Beach. For the beach enthusiast, the resort provides free rentals of water equipment including surfboards. The resort also has a close proximity to some of California’s biggest attractions such as Disney Land, Crystal Cove State Park, and is less than an hour from Hollywood. Hotel rates begin at $99 a night.

The nearest golf course to Laguna Rivera is the Aliso Creek Golf Course. Vacationers might prefer the Aliso Creek Golf Inn on the property, though it depends on what they prefer; golfing or the beach. Laguna Rivera offers beach proximity, but a short drive to the golf course, with the opposite at Aliso Creek; a short drive to the beach, but onsite golfing. Room prices at Aliso Creek began at $134 a night, and they also offer executive suites and penthouses. Aliso Creek is also home to the Canyon Lodge American Grill steakhouse. Other than their 9 hole, par-32 golf course, vacationers can take lessons from a pro, spend time in their spa, or take a trip to the Aliso State Beach.

Many visitors to Southern California immediately think of Los Angeles and in LA, the top choice for a golf and beach resort is The Tower Beverly Hills. Amenities at the resort include laundry service, a fitness room, and an outdoor pool. Venice Beach and several golf courses are located within a ten minute drive. Prices range from $150-300 a night. Visitors can check out the sites and sounds of Hollywood when they need a break from the beaches and golfing.

The Avalon Hotel is the best option for those vacationing on Catalina Island. This gorgeous hotel has free internet, in-room refrigerators, and is just minutes from the historic Casino Building. After enjoying a dip in the ocean, play a round of golf at the Catalina Golf Course with its two 18-hole courses. Prices begin at $195 per night, and they have a special deal running now; book a stay online in September or October, start on a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, and get a night’s stay free.

The best resorts in Southern California must have beach access and a quality golf course within a short distance. The resorts listed above offer both, and a whole lot more.


One can spend hous, days and weeks running around Amsterdam as it is one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in Europe that is famous for its tolerance and diversity. It could be said that it is the city full of life with little road traffic and enriched with its cultural heritage. The canal view of the city gives it a completely different and beautiful look. Other tourist attractions including the museums, coffee shops, historic port, theatres, restaurants etc capture one’s attraction easily. Additionally the weather of the city supports tourism a lot. Various hotels and accommodations are present here at various locations that provide you the facility to enjoy the city with desirable view. The correct selection of a hotel that suits your trip makes the trip more enjoyable and comfortable. Amsterdam is one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in Europe. The name of the place is derived from Amstel dam that means a dam on the river Amstel, thus pointing to the city origin.The beautiful canals running through the city center adds a wonderful attraction to the place. It ‘s appealing as well as pleasing to walk around the place as it has a little road traffic. The culture, international restaurant, good transport facility, intimacy of city clubs and bar and its welcoming attitude attract visitors very easily. Due to its beautiful view the cultural capital of Holland ‘Amsterdam’ is well known by the name of “The Venice of the North”. People from different background, culture, and sub-culture could be seen here giving it a unique and distinctly urban environment. Amsterdam is the city full of life. It is famous as the city of tolerance and diversity. The city is famous for its red light district, historic port, coffee shops, canals and many more. It is one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in the world. The destination is never far away in Amsterdam. Amsterdam is a city of contradiction but has all the advantages of a big city as its attractive culture, international restaurants, good transport and calm and quite atmosphere. It’s hard not to get attracted by the buzz of open-air summer events, pubs, beautiful views of canals of this likeable city. All these views and pleasure could be enjoyed nicely along with various facilities provided by different hotels of Amsterdam. Most of the places of city remind us of 17th century city, but it is progressive and open city unlike any other European city. Another attraction of the city is Rembrandt’s famous painting ’The Night Watch’ at Rajksmuseum. Rembrandt was one of the most successful painters of his time. Apart from museum various historical places also attract tourists a lot. The city has several top-rank jazz venues and concert hall to entertain visitors. In addition to this shopping in Amsterdam is also a delightful activity that could make one’s trip the memorable one. Besides this the weather of Amsterdam is also calm and relaxing. It has gentle and mild climate but due to its geographic location variation in temperature is quite common. The trip to Amsterdam is a pleasurable one as rain is evenly spread all through the year that makes the day more pleasant and breathtaking. On the whole Amsterdam is a complete entertaining and relief-giving package that one should never miss.


London is one of the most visited cities in the whole world. There are several tourist attractions in London. Among the many attractions in London, one that is popularly visited by around 100,000 visitors per week is the Camden Market. This is a street market considered as the largest one in the United Kingdom. The Camden Market is composed of the Camden Lock Market, Camden Canal Market, Iverness Street Market, Buck Street Market, Electric Ballroom and Stables Market. These markets offer various forms of products ranging from clothing to art pieces. There are indoor and outdoor shops. The Camden Market is also known for selling gothic arts, two popular stores are the Black Rose and the Cyberdog. Tourists visiting the Camden Market have wide choices of products and crafts to buy. They can get hold of vintage items, jewelleries, music items and even second hand furniture. The Camden Market is also the place to go for exotic foods and unique stuffs. Camden Market LocationThe Camden Market is located in Camden Town in North London. This town is a vibrant town with an array of entertainment centres, pubs, bars, restaurants, shops and cinemas. Aside from the Camden Market attraction, tourists to this town will surely enjoy a night of music and fun at the pubs and bars. There are various ways to get to the Camden Market. Visitors can take the tube via the Northern Line or they can take the bus. Another exciting way to get to the Camden Market is through a boat trip from Little Venice to the Camden Lock Market. This boat trip passes the Maida Hill tunnel and Regents Park.Accommodations Near Camden Market Tourists visiting the Camden town need not worry about where to stay. There are numerous hostels and accommodations in the town itself and areas near it. Most of these London hostels are walking distance away from the market. This gives tourists the chance to spend a night and enjoy the rest of the evening at the town. These hostels in London offer comfortable place to stay after a day of shopping at the Camden Market and a night of fun and enjoyment at the Camden towns bars and pubs. They are usually just stone throw away from the Camden Market.London is a city worth a visit. It abounds in countless attractions. The Camden Market is just one of the many appeals that London offers. ClinkHostel is a historical and stylish backpackers hostel in London catering to all types of budget. This http://www.clinkhostel.com combines luxury with budget. Located near most of Londons top tourist attractions, Clink Hostel is the place to stay while in London.


Amsterdam is one of the small cities in the world but considered the most beautiful and romantic city. It is said to be a city of tolerance and diversity. Good transport, nightlife, culture and international restaurants are all present in this city, thus featuring it to be a bigger one. It is very amazing to know that the city is built on canals and is popularly known as “Venice of north”. It is the financial and business capital of the Netherlands and considered one of the best cities in Europe as it provides a location to international business.

The increasing number of tourists’ attractions to this place has increased the number of hotels in Amsterdam. The arrangements made to provide comfortable accommodation to travelers are really to be appreciated. The immediate service and warm hospitality of the hotels staff are marvelous. Amsterdam not only has accommodation for wealthy travelers, but also some cheap Amsterdam hotels to suit the taste and budget of every traveler. They offer discounts on several occasion and provide comfortable lodging at reasonable rates, which had made it possible for many tourists to visit the place.

Amsterdam has a rich architectural history. No one can doubt on the architectural designs of hotel Amsterdam, after the visit to the place. The wooden building built in 1425 still exists as the same. Even the school building in Amsterdam are highly decorated with decorative ornaments and oddly shaped doors and windows. Hotels in Amsterdam are built around many of the famous tourists’ attraction such as:-

  • Anne Franks House- this is the house, where Anne frank and her family took refuge from Nazis during Second World War. There is a museum that hold the history of all those who took shelter in this house.
  • Museums- one of the best museum, Rijks museum, is a collection of paintings from Netherland. Stedfelijk museum depicts the creation of modern art. The traveler can come across various modern paintings by fine artists.
  • Vondelpark- it is the largest park in Amsterdam. It remains crowded by people for morning and evening walk.
  • Dam and Royal palace- this place in Amsterdam is always crowded. It features an unremarkable building and very popular shopping area around it.

    Apart from it, The Red Light District, the flower market, canal boat rides etc are some of the main places to visit in Amsterdam. The travelers can easily find hotel Amsterdam around these attractions. Hotels in Amsterdam offer excellent services by offering minibars, pools, gymnasium and other facilities to satisfy the needs of tourists.

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    These days, more and more people are leaving the comforts of their own homes to discover the joys of traveling. Barely a few years ago, it was the past time of the rich and famous. Now, however, even college students with little money can now travel to their heart’s content. What was once a luxury has now become a way of life.

    Indulge Your Wanderlust

    There is truth in the adage: “The world is a book and those who don’t travel read but a page.” There are indeed many marvels in the world, marvels that people are now traveling far and wide to see. Think of the pyramids of Giza, the beauty of Venice, and the full moon celebrated in Koh Phangan. These are things you don’t see in your own backyard, so pack your bags, get your passport, and keep your cash on you at all times with one of those Colibri money clips.

    Rough It Up

    Of course, travel does not come cheap but it does not have to be expensive either. Budget travel is now being made possible by budget airlines, hostels, and tours. You won’t be sipping champagne in first class seats, staying at the Hilton, and driven around in a limousine, but you will be seeing the sights that you so long to see. And don’t worry. Chances are you won’t be staying in the wilderness, unless, of course, you choose to.

    Indeed, budget traveling means roughing it up. You might have to share your room and bathroom with strangers in hostels, so keep your valuables under lock and key and your cash in Colibri money clips. Some of the most beautiful sights in the world are in very poor areas with very bad living conditions. Get yourself vaccinated. You don’t want your holiday cut short because of some strange, exotic illness. Prepare to live on street food as they are the cheapest food there is. Keep your Colibri money clips on hand to pay for your food on the go. You don’t want to spend a lot of time distracted while rummaging through your backpack for your money. Your Colibri money clips will also come in handy when you buy souvenirs from your trip.

    Do It Right

    Banish the image of fancy Louis Vuitton trolley bags and fashionable travel clothes from your head. If you’re going to go budget traveling, you need to pack light and dress right. You can never go wrong with a big strong backpack. Pack wash and wear clothes because you don’t have the luxury of ironing. Wear sensible footwear, such as hiking boots, rubber sandals, and flip flops. Keep a sturdy pair of sunglasses, a hat or two, Colibri money clips, and lots of sunblock.

    Remember, you’re not Paris Hilton jet setting from one location to the other. You are a budget traveler, a backpacker, and practicality is your best friend. At the end of the day, you’ll find that you’ve had more fun backpacking than traveling first class. And when you find yourself watching the amazing sunset in the island of Boracay or listening to the call of thousands of birds in the Canary Islands, you’ll know it was definitely worth it.



    Bangkok was known as the “Venice of the East” in the past as it was filled with many canals. People used to live on water doing their day to day activities while floating on boats. Many of these canals were filled in to make way for new roads and buildings over the past years but even now many of these old canals still remain on the Thonbui side of the Chao Phraya River.


    Along these canals, we can see even now many people dwelling and they are very much used to the life in their floating residencies. They are visited monks who do alms rounds, the postmen, and even vendors coming by boats. One can enjoy a long tailed boat ride for about 1,000 baht to have some good time in a quiet environment and even to have a closer look as in how Thai people used to live along the canals. And also it is possible to visit so many temples that have very historical background. While traveling through these temples and other ancient monuments one can gain a thorough knowledge about the history and the development of the entire city.


    More over, during the boat ride, it is also possible to stop at the Royal Barge National Museum, which is established along one of the main temples in the canals. That is also a major destination where most of the tourists intend to go in the hope of gaining more knowledge about the traditions and basic cultural aspects of Thailand as well as Bangkok. Therefore many tourists who come across Bangkok for their business purposes and to spend some good time do not miss the opportunity to spare some more time along the canals to relax them selves.


    For visitors who opt to stay for a longer time Bangkok serviced apartments such as President Park will provide convenient access and comfortable stay to most of the other attractions in Bangkok as well.


    Mentioning about more attractions that grab the eyes of the visitors are the monasteries called “Wat Paramal Ylkawat”, “Wat Suwannaram”, “Wat Chaloand more near the canals in Bangkok. All of them are based on the history and various cultural aspects of Thailand which enhances the value of the nation.


    According a recent study, London is the 5th most expensive city in the world for hotel accommodation. The average price per room, per night in the capital’s hotels currently stands at £106, placing it behind Moscow (£194), New York (£143), Dubai and Venice (£125.)

    A hotel stay in London could set you back a small fortune, but doing a bit of shopping around could land you a great deal. There are plenty of budget hotels and guest houses which offer comfortable and well-situated accommodation at a price that doesn’t break the bank.

    Take the Elysee hotel for example. Located in the popular Hyde Park area, this well-appointed, recently renovated three star hotel offers comfortable, affordable accommodation in the heart of the capital. Conveniently situated near to Paddington station and Lancaster Gate, it is ideal for those who want to explore all of the sights and sounds that London has to offer.

    Elysee’s room rates start from just £45 per night, making for some of the best budget hotel accommodation in London.

    A spokesperson for the hotel had this to say: “With the recent credit crunch, people are increasingly seeking more cost effective accommodation. We have taken this into account with our current special offers.”

    “Although we may be one of the cheapest hotels in London, this does not mean that our guests compromise on facilities. All of our rooms are equipped with air conditioning, en suite bathroom, wi-fi and a flat screen TV.”



    (an excerpt from my book From London to Cairo)

    A Tale of Two Brothers

    The symbol for Rome is a milking wolf. I learned the reason for this when I visited The Time Elevator; a virtual reality ride that brings people back in time to reenact the history of Rome.

    Roman myth tells the story of a priestess who was required to remain a virgin but gave birth to twin boys instead. The Emperor ordered them to be destroyed. A soldier took them out to the forest but could not bear to kill them himself so he left them for the wolves. A mother wolf adopted the boys and they grew strong. When they became men, they decided to start a village but could not agree on which hill to build it. Unable to find a compromise, one brother killed the otherthen founded Rome.

    Nice storyeh? I guess this set the stage for Rome to become a nation of conquerors.

    Fresh off the Train

    I arrived in Rome in the early afternoon and set off to look for a cheap hotel with a guy I met on the train. John is from Boston and had flown to Venice to take part in a marathon. He had some time to kill and decided to visit Rome to see the coliseum. He was in his late twenties, very handsome and one of the most scatterbrained people I have ever met. I loved him right away. He turned out to be a very amusing person to hang out with.

    After walking around for an hour and finding no vacancies at any of the hotels, we finally stopped in at a tourist information office to elicit help. The friendly girl at the office managed to find me a great hotel room for a reasonable price in the area while John chose to stay in a hostel not far from my hotel.

    Roman Coliseum

    The first night we decided to walk to the Coliseum. The hotel gave me a great map of Rome with big pictures of all the monuments. The walk took a long time because we stopped at every food establishment along the way so John could feed his insatiable appetite for Italian foodI wondered if he would ever get full.

    Finally we caught our first glimpse of the coliseum sitting at the end of a busy street, the home of gladiators and emperors, and a piece of living history. Wow! This was incredible!

    Construction on the Coliseum started in 70 AD and ten years later Titus opened it. The opening ceremonies and games lasted for 100 days during which an astounding 5000 wild animals were put to death. The Coliseum had a capacity of 70,000 spectators who came to see everything from gladiator combats to wild


    Welcome to the City of Dreams. Home to Tinseltown and its famous celebrities, Los Angeles is like no other city on earth. Situated on the southeastern corner of the west coast of America, the city coastline stretches 76 miles from Malibu in the north to Long Beach in the south.

    Los Angeles is the second largest city in the US after New York, and is famous for setting new trends and making them popular across the world. One of the most popular tourist destinations on the west coast of America, many Los Angeles hotels are the first choice of celebrities and dignitaries. Besides comforts and luxuries, these Los Angeles hotels offer easy access to most of the star attractions of the city. Nokia Theater, Museum of Contemporary Art, Beverly Hills and sunny beaches are some of the famous attractions of the city.

    Los Angeles Hotel Attractions

    The internet is a very generous place; you will find many listings and guides for different services on it related to hotel accommodation. One of the best service providers in the industry is Last Minute Travel. The company offers excellent services including:

    • Accommodation

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    You can choose from a wide variety of accommodations available in the Los Angeles area. With the help of services from Last Minute Travel you can choose your accommodations on the basis of:

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    Top 10 budget hotels in Los Angeles

    You might be surprised to know that Last Minute Travel offers you 10 budget hotels in the price range of $50 to $70. The two or three star services and amenities of these hotels are good value for the money. These hotels include:

    • Guest House

    • Cecil Hotel

    • Hollywood Inn Express South

    • Vagabond Inn Hacienda Heights

    • Royal Century Hotel

    • Stay Los Angeles

    • Clarion Hotel

    • Adventure All Suites

    Besides these hotels there are two Los Angeles hotels in the listing that are off the record. These are exclusive offers from Last Minute Travel Services. These exclusive offers are not permanent and keep changing from time to time. Check the website of Last Minute Travel Services to find the latest exclusive offers.

    Los Angeles is never short of excitement. Once settled in your hotel, relax for a bit and you will find yourself ready to explore the abundant opportunities for fun and excitement that the city offers in no time. A visit to Santa Monica beach, a bike ride on Venice beach or a shopping trip to Rodeo drive in Beverly hills are just some of the most popular things one can do in Los Angeles.


    Have you ever heard of Ponza? Probably not, considering most Italians haven’t either. But if you are thinking about vacationing in Italy (and the Italian Riviera is a bit too pricey) head down south, where crystal blue waters and blindingly whitewashed villas await you on the tiny island of Ponza. Located halfway between Rome and Naples, it’s the perfect little getaway, as long as you don’t mind the complete absence of any kind of pandering to American tourists. Be warned, this is not Venice or the Cinque Terre, so if you only know ‘grazie’ and ‘prego,’ you may struggle here, but if you are willing to throw caution to the wind, you can rent an entire apartment for yourself and several guests for an entire week for practically nothing.

    Hotels on the island are expensive, but if you go the route of private apartment rentals, you will be amazed at how economical your trip can be. On my trip to Italy, my sister, cousin and I rented an apartment for three people for an entire week for approximately 200 euros! Three beds, a bathroom, and a full kitchen, so we also saved money on food by cooking for ourselves most days. To find deals like this, just search online for Ponza and room rentals or ‘affitacamere.’ You can look at the rooms online, choose the dates you want and book, all from the comfort of your home. One final tip, prices drop off-season, so if you can get there in June, you’ll save money, and beat the summer rush. So if you’re looking to vacation in Italy and think hanging out on an island in the Mediterranean sounds too good to be affordable, think again, and go google ‘Ponza.’ I guarantee you’ll be pleasantly surprised by this true Italian gem.