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It is very difficult to name the top ten cities that a person should visit because there are many beautiful cities to choose from and everyone’s tastes can vary. But here is my list:








8)Rio de Janeiro

9)New York

10)San Francisco

Paris is a city of amazing architecture, culture and cuisine.

London is a city with outstanding museums and parks.

Prague offers beautiful churches, bridges and palaces.

Vienna can be called the music capital of the world.

Florence is a city of art and history.

Venice is a city of canals, beautiful churches and museums.

Rome is a city of incredible art and history and the gateway to the Vatican.

Rio de Janeiro is the city of the world’s most famous carnival.

New York is one of the financial capitals of the world and an international city.

San Francisco is a city with beautiful nature and excellent examples of modern architecture.


When you plan to visit Venice, Italy, it is important for you to be knowledgeable about the Venice climate so that you can thoroughly enjoy your vacation. Although you might have your holidays booked for the summer months of July and August, this is actually the worst possible time to plan your visit because it is the hottest time of the year in Venice. Due to the heat, the canals are also very smelly during this time of the year. You will also find it very crowded because most tourists tend to think this is the best time to visit the islands of this city. The average temperature during July and August range from 30 – 33 and there are many flies.


Spring and fall have a more pleasant climate, but it does get cold during the winter months. During the spring and fall, there are often thunderstorms and sometimes flooding occurs. This means it is best to pack waterproof clothing and footwear so that you won’t have to spend a lot of your time in wet clothes. Although it is colder, you will not have the hassle of very many tourists if you choose to visit between November and March. You will have a very interesting and quiet vacation, but since this is also the off-season, the prices are much cheaper.


One of the facts of life during the fall and winter seasons is called Acqua alta. This means high water and it refers to the flooding that sometimes occurs. When it does occur, it does not last for days, but only for a few hours a day, which is not a lot to deal with. The residents of the city are well-prepared for these times and have raised sidewalks along the streets that they pull out to use when the streets flood. Sirens announce the beginning of the flooding and news bulletins will give notifications of beginning and ending times. You can get an acqua alta map so that you know which areas remain dry during these times.


In order to give you information about the weather and climate about Venice, it is necessary to look at the average highs and lows of temperature in Celsius for the months of the year.


* January: High: 6. Low: -1. Precipitation: 58mm


* February: High: 8 Low: 1. Precipitation: 53 mm


* March: High: 12 Low: 3. Precipitation: 58 mm


* April: High: 16. Low: 8. Precipitation: 62 mm.


* May: High: 21. Low: 12. Precipitation: 68 mm


* June: High: 24. Low: 18. Precipitation: 76 mm


* July: High: 27. Low: 18. Precipitation: 63 mm.


* August: High: 27. Low: 17. Precipitation: 83 mm.


* September: High: 23. Low: 14. Precipitation: 66 mm.


* October: High: 18. Low: 9. Precipitation: 68 mm


* November: High: 11. Low: 4. Precipitation: 86 mm.


* December: High: 7. Low: 0. Precipitation: 53 mm.


Based on this information, you can carefully plan your holidays with the months of the year that have the temperatures in which you are most comfortable.