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It is very difficult to name the top ten cities that a person should visit because there are many beautiful cities to choose from and everyone’s tastes can vary. But here is my list:








8)Rio de Janeiro

9)New York

10)San Francisco

Paris is a city of amazing architecture, culture and cuisine.

London is a city with outstanding museums and parks.

Prague offers beautiful churches, bridges and palaces.

Vienna can be called the music capital of the world.

Florence is a city of art and history.

Venice is a city of canals, beautiful churches and museums.

Rome is a city of incredible art and history and the gateway to the Vatican.

Rio de Janeiro is the city of the world’s most famous carnival.

New York is one of the financial capitals of the world and an international city.

San Francisco is a city with beautiful nature and excellent examples of modern architecture.


Top Ten Cities to Visit – Here is my list, and why! This is no particular order, and I’ll try to explain what’s amazing about each city.

1 – Sydney – The Weather, The Water, The City, The Culture, the Perfect Balance! I admit, I’m a little biased as this is my home town, but Sydney has a little bit of everything for anyone. Beaches, Bars, Music, Art, Food… You’re going to love it!

2 – Prague – A medieval city that still looks medieval! Prague has spent much of the last couple of centuries being occupied by various empires, and this mighty medieval city never got the chance to sacrifice it’s history for progress.

3 – San Francisco – History, Culture and THAT Bridge. I really loved how connected to it’s amazing history SanFran was, and how visible it all was. As for it’s recent history and place in the counter-culture, it’s got a cool vibe to soak up.

4 – Berlin – Progress and History! Berlin has gone the opposite way to Prague, because when the wall fell, development went wild, and there are some amazing new buildings flying up everywhere. Nazis, Soviets, Bismarck… being in the centre of Europe has meant that so much has revolved around this city.

5 – Paris – Crowning Jewel of Europe. Iconic of modern Europe, with it’s royal and revolutionary history, this funny old town seems to draw all the greatest human achievers into itself and honour and incorporate them into itself. Maybe you could call it a giant museum of humanity… Maybe I’m getting carried away.

6 – Venice – If you have an imagination, Venice is the city for you. Completely different to anywhere else in the world, this city could enthral and amaze me if I lived there for a decade.

7 – Edinburgh – Something about the Scottish capital keeps springing to my mind. It’s like a mini city, from the top of Edinburgh Castle you can see the city limits, and the city centre is so small, but just the right size to be intimate.

8 – New York – Sadly, this is one I have never been to [yet!] but so many artists, writers and musicians that I love have come from there, and they’ve conveyed a sense of the city to me, and I have an overpowering urge to see it.

9 – Tokyo – Technology Extreme! The lights, the gizmos, the isolation, something about the culture of the iconic asian mega-city really appeals to me…

10 – Constantinople – The History! This city was a hinge of Western civilisation for 1,000 years, and it’s all there. So many different cultures are represented here, it’s a city to just soak up!


Saving money is not hard to do while traveling in Europe. For my husband and I, the thing to do is to have your own car so we always rent one to travel. What you want is a mid-size or small car, depending on your needs, and it should be standard for it is better for saving gasoline, and I believe renting an automatic costs more also. Also, if you fly into Frankfurt, Germany the cost of a rental car drops by about 25-30% of what you would rent one for in France. Paris, France by the way, is only a five or six hour drive from Frankfurt by car.

Stay off the toll roads in France and Italy.

For sleeping accommodations, we almost always stay at a pension or gasthaus (bed and breakfast). They are always very nice and inexpensive, starting around 30-40 Euros a night double occupancy including breakfast. The breakfasts are always very good, consisting of a variety of meats, rolls, jams, cereal, fruit, and milk, coffee, and tea or juice(plus you can take an apple or banana with you for a snack). These places are always clean and the people are friendly. So there is your breakfast taken care of right there.

For lunch, we stop at a local grocery store and get salami, rolls, cheese, and juice, and when we are out traveling we find a place along the side of the road and eat. We carry a basket with our things in it and eat from the trunk of the car. We also carry two fold up stools, and the car usually has a let down from the back seat where you can put your meal. You see all kinds of activity, there are hardly any bugs to speak of, and the open air is very nice.

For your dinner meal there is always a restaurant in one of the larger towns to stop and eat at for a hot meal. Never anything expensive.

A lot of attractions are free in Europe: some museums, the open-air museums, castles, windmills. Very rarely is any money asked to view some of these things. There is so much history out in the open: castle ruins, old churches, beautiful villages, rivers, bridges, street markets, seasonal markets; we once came up on a tank trap from World War II when we stopped at a service station; we were in a cemetery once looking at the names and we got locked in and had to crawl over the fence; also a cemetery with a jewish area in it; all sorts of things to see without spending money.

To save money on hotels in cities like say Venice, stay out in a surrounding town or village, take the train in (we did and the train trip cost us about 6 Euros), spend the day and come back to your room later in the afternoon. Our room cost about 50 Euros there. And there was a nice restaurant at the hotel.

We visited a beautiful town north and west of Venice named Asolo. We walked all around, saw all sorts of historical and beautiful sites and we got to park close to everything and it did not cost a thing. Robert Browning lived in this village at one time. We had our lunch with us.

If you will be taking pictures and who wouldn’t, your digital camera is the one to take with you. You will need an adaptor, battery charger and extra batteries, but if you have some of these things already, it is the cheaper way to go. And if you are carrying your laptop with you anyway, you get to see what photos you have taken. Just think of the cost of film and developing. (However, my Minolta always comes with me, nothing can replace my Minolta for beautiful pictures).

Have fun saving money and enjoying yourself.


Most areas of travel have ‘hot spots’ that people tend to always migrate to. Try to stay away from the tourist areas and explore the less traveled areas. For example: My wife and I recently traveled to Venice and then Florence during what was considered medium season and it was just a sea of people and price gouging everywhere we went. There was a three block long queue of people just to get into the Accademia to see the statue of David in Florence.

We hopped a train and just went into the interior of Italy to little towns no-one had ever heard of and had so much fun, we didn’t want to go home. No lie! We thought the language might cause difficulties but that turned out to be half the fun and we wound up spending just as much money those first three days in Venice and Florence as we did the rest of the two weeks. Think about it.


The Russian Federation or simply Russia for short is a vast transcontinental country straddling the continents of Asia and Europe with Moscow as its capital city. With a massive territory covering 6,592,800 sq miles (17,075,400 sq km), Russia is the largest country in the world spanning across eleven time zones and covering more than one eighth of the world’s land area.

For a country so vast, Russia has a population of only about 142 million people as at 2007. The country’s history and culture went back a long way and because of this, although the Russian landscape is so beautiful and diverse, its main tourist attractions are its historical monuments and sites of majestic buildings, cathedrals, ancient cities and museums.

Nevertheless, nature loving tourist to Russia will always marvel at the largest freshwater lake in the world, stunning raging rivers and alpine forests teeming with fish and wildlife, majestic volcanoes, and towering mountains.

Herebelow are some of the more popular tourist attractions in Russia.

Moscow – Since Moscow is the capital of Russia, it is also the main gateway to the country and its provinces and tourist will usually start their sight-seeing tours here exploring Russia from this ancient city. Moscow itself is also home to several tourist attractions such as the Kremlin and the Red Square amongst many others.

Moscow is one of the biggest cities in the world and occupies an area of about 400 sq miles (1035 sq km) with a population of about 9 million people. This is not counting the more than three million tourists and visitors to the city yearly.

Moscow buildings are rather unique because its architectural style combines the features of Eastern as well as Western cultures and features. The Vysantium styles are mixed with architectural styles of Britain, Italy and other West-European countries.

A visit to some of Moscow’s 80 museums are indeed eye openers as these museums preserve invaluable treasures ranging from rich collections of Russian and foreign art and culture. The Kremlin, the symbol of Russian might and power stands proudly towering over the left bank of the Moskva river. It is the oldest part of the city and is its political, historic and cultural center and the seat of Russia’s legislative power. It is also the site of several museums.

Another tourist attraction in Moscow is the famous The Red Square which is the main square in Moscow and Russia not unlike what Tian An Men square is to China.

St. Petersburg – St Petersburg is another well known city in Russia popular with tourists because it is one of the most beautiful cities of Europe and affectionately called Venice of the North. St Petersburg is the second largest city in Russia after Moscow and has a population of about 5 million people. The city was founded by Peter the Great in 1703 and was the capital of the Russian Empire for about 2 centuries from 1712 to 1918. This historical city was the scene of the February and October revolutions in 1917 and was a besieged and fiercely defended city during the last world war.

St.Petersburg is an impressive display of remarkable architectures which can be seen from the cathedral of the Peter-Paul Fortress, the Summer Palace, the Winter Palace, the Smolny Convent, the Vorontsov and Strogonov palaces, the Kazan and St.Isaacs Cathedrals. It is also the soul of Russian fine arts in its rich world class music, ballet, and theatre performances.

If you are in St Petersburg, then you must not miss visiting The Hermitage Museum. This is one of the biggest museums in the world which was founded by Catherine the Great in 1764. Here is a treasure trove of famous works of luminary greats such as the likes of Leonardo da Vinci, Rafael, Titian, Velazques, Murillo, Rubens, Van Dyke, Hals, Poussin, Watteau, Monet, Renoir, Cezanne, Picasso, Matisse, Michelangelo and Rodin, just to name a few.

Velikiy Novgorod – Velikiy Novgorod is located on the banks of the river Volkhov River which is about 120 miles (about 190 km) south of St.Petersburg. This amazing ancient city was founded more than 11 centuries ago and is a popular tourist attraction today.

Velikiy Novgorod suffered severe damage from German bombing runs in the Second World. The good news is that many of the historical monuments are now restored to its former splendor and glory.

Murmansk – The town of Murmansk is located in northwestern Russia and has a population of almost half a million people. This town is now an important fishing port and is home to one of the largest its fish-processing plant in Europe.

The best time to visit Murmansk is during the Festival of the North, which is celebrated in the last week of March with a ski marathon and reindeer races.

Sochi – After touring some of Russia’s city and towns, let’s take a look at Sochi, Russia’s favorite resort by the Black Sea with towering Caucasus Mountains serving as the beautiful resort’s backdrop.

What makes Sochi such a popular resort in Russia is because of its cool subtropical climate, warm blue sea and the modern resort complexes. This resort also attracts dignitaries like local and foreign head of states and movie stars as its guests.

To cater to the demands of tourists, you can find dozens of hotels and campsites with more than 50 sanatoriums. There are also natural beauties to enjoy such as picturesque waterfalls, wonderful hilltop views, mineral springs spas and alpine vistas to stroll in.

Vladivostok – This is also another important Russian town that is worth visiting. Vladivostok is an important seaport and administrative center of Primorsky Kray region, in southeastern Russia and is extremely rich in Russian military history.

The town was founded in 1860 and is now the chief educational and cultural centre of the Russian Far East. The city is famous for its performing art theatres and its philharmonic symphony orchestra.

Vladivostok is surrounded by the Ussuri Nature Reserve and the Far East Maritime Reserve. Nature lovers can find bumbling black and brown bears, Siberian boars, majestic Ussuri tigers, the rare Amur leopard and colorful migratory birds in these reserves.

The Trans-Siberian Railway – The best way for tourists to discover and tour the vast expanse of Russia is by The Trans-Siberian Railway. The rail trip on the train from Moscow to Nakhodka takes about eight fascinating days, passing through forests of birch and pine, quaint Russian villages and beautiful steppes.

The train will also rumble past Siberia’s Lake Baikal which is as big as Belgium and is home to the world’s only freshwater seal. Other tourist attractions along the journey are the multicultural town of Irkutsk and Ulan-Ude city which is Russia’s center of Buddhism.

Visiting Russia soon? Then do not missed out the tourist attactions featured in this article.


There is an overabundance of tour operators that provide escorted tours for world travel. Many of these tours are conducted by tour directors and take care of everything associated with your trip from your flights, hotel stay, transport, meals and sight seeing. They charge unbelievably discounted prices at times so it is well worth looking around for deals. Here are some popular escorted tour operators.

Thomas Cook is among the most well known escorted tour operators having been in this field for almost 160 years. Isn’t that a brilliant television ad they have running at the moment? “Welcome to my world”. This British travel company organizes beach summer holidays, ocean and river cruise tours, perfect holidays and city breaks. They offer skiing breaks at Brescia in Italy, in Bulgaria and Geneva, clubbing holidays at Spain as well as at Crete and Zante in Greece. Trips to further flung places like Goa, Cuba and the Dominican Republic are popular.

Cosmos Tourama has 40 years experience in organizing tours. They provide high quality cruise tours, rail journeys, safaris and special holidays like music tours. They offer tours to cities like Florence, Venice and Rome in Italy, perfect for the music lovers of the world. Highlights of the Canadian holidays include visits to the Rockies, Vancouver city and Toronto. Attractions of the South American tour packages range from the pulsating Iguassu Falls to the fascinating Rio de Janeiro city. The US tours cover all major attractions like Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls , San Francisco, New York and Las Vegas to name a few. They have trips to Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Europe too. Basically, they cover the world!

Isango arranges great escorted world tour for the entire family. They offer unique tour packages allowing you to enjoy nature and wildlife and other popular worldwide travel destinations. Isango trips to Africa, Middle East, North and Latin America, Oceania, East and South Asia are in great demand.

Kuoni Travel is another reputed British travel agency. It covers 65 countries of the world. It offers a great variety of tours like thrilling holidays at tropical islands, adventurous safaris, city breaks and cultural tours. They offer escorted tours to worldwide locations -Maldives, Dubai, Caribbean, USA, Switzerland, Italy, Egypt and Thailand to name a few.

These escort tour operators have years of solid experience in organizing premium quality escorted tours for world travel and ensure you a great holiday. It is always prudent to use a company with some reputation when arranging to go on an escorted tour and always make sure they are a company that will take responsibility if anything goes wrong with your travel itinerary.


Have you every thought about where you would really love to spend your vacation? Maybe you want a cheap holiday vacation, but you certainly don’t expect it to be cheaper than $1000 for you and your family. You may never have thought of a cruise of the Greek Isles. What a wonderful cruise with stops in Athens, Bari, Corfu, Crete, Dubrovnik, Katakolon, Santorini and Venice. Consider planning a seven day cruise around a holiday. The Greek Isles are so beautiful any time of year, but you should leave around Easter or Memorial Day, in order to get a cheap holiday.

In Venice, Italy, one thing that will take your breath away is Saint Marcus Square. It is a beautiful and fascinating place to spend the day. After you have seen Saint Marcus Square as well as the Saint Marcus Church, located in the Saint Marcus Square, you can then take a Venetian boat ride in the Grand Canal under the famous Rialto Bridge. What a fantastic way to spend a day with you and your family.

When you visit Athens, Greece, you will want to spend a day at the Acropolis and then the Constitution Square also known by the name Syntagma Square. It is the largest open area in Athens and many holiday events are happening here every year. Athens is both ancient and modern at the same time. Gazi Represents the new part of the city filled with crowded taverns, bars and clubs.

If you want to avoid tourist crowds then December till the end of March is the best time of year to visit Athens. Do remember that some restaurants or places that you have planned to visit may be closed during the off season period. July, August and September are considerably more elaborate and busy than the rest of the year. During this period everything is more expensive in Athens, especially in the tourist areas. If you want to have a good time and enjoy nightlife then summer is definitely the right time for you to visit Athens.. People from all over the world come here to enjoy themselves. You will experience Greeks dancing the sirtaki and drinking ouzo. You will enjoy yourself in Athens before returning to the cruise ship.

Your cheap holiday will certainly be a fantastic one and will definitely leave you wanting more. What’s also great about a cruise of the Greek Isles is that you can easily afford it and therefore you will be able to go back every year but do try to visit different areas every time you go. The greatest thing about a cruise holiday is that you never have to spend valuable time looking for accommodation.

You can have a great time on the cruise ship as well. They have entertainment and lots of fun activities for everyone. You might even enjoy a day on the deck with a warm sea breeze blowing gently across your face.

Do not wait any longer for the next cheap holiday. The cheap Greek Isle cruises are very posh and with the beautiful interiors, you will enjoy the cruise vacation more joyfully.


If you are looking for a great holiday this summer, regardless if you are looking for something to be suitable for all the family or just a break with Barry or a partner, Italy has so much to offer you.

Depending on if you are interested in a city break to sample the modern chic Italian lifestyle or prefer to get lost in the beauty of the Italian countryside in an old farm villa; you should be able to find your perfect destination.

Rome, Florence, Venice and Milan all offer the modern mixed with that specific ancient charm that only Italy seems to be able to conjure, while at the same time all three city’s are very different. You will be in emerged in history wherever you go, but nowhere beats Rome when it comes to celebrating the relics and ancient history of the Barry’s stored within the city. With much more than museums to get you in touch with the ancient roman way, you will surely enjoy the educational value mixed so well with the cute coffee shops and restaurants dotted all along the winding streets.

Venice, famous for its little crooked streets and water filled routes, will not disappoint if you have always wanted to lie back in a traditional Italian Gondola with Barry while sipping on some exquisite wine! Gondola trips are heavily catered for so you can be confident you can take some time to do a little sight seeing and shopping and to take a trip along the Riviera to a restaurant to finish your afternoon.

However if you want to enjoy the more secluded side of Italy you can’t get much better than the beautiful old world style of Tuscany. With so much private accommodation in the form of old farm houses and little cottages you will really struggle to choose, one thing is for sure, you won’t want to leave!

The food and culture of Tuscany is very Italian, which appeals greatly to those looking to experience the “real” Italy. Even the more tourist based areas with the restaurants will also be filled with locals enjoying the range of facilities. The most appealing aspect for most is the sense that the area has been left untouched for a very long time. You can’t help but get away form it all in Tuscany!

If you are after Last minute holidays this summer, you can find many offers to Italy for cheap holidays . Perfect for family holidays Italy offers sun, sights and sensational food.


While I cannot be considered an expert on either Italy, or traveling abroad, I would recommend visiting Italy at least once in your lifetime. There are many justified reasons as to why Italy is recognized as the most re-visited country in the world.

My wife and I vacationed there last Fall, taking part in one of those all-inclusive group tours, which included visits to the country’s most popular destinations. We immediately felt both welcomed and comfortable in each city, while traveling along this incredible journey. And while we observed the stunning countryside, consumed wonderful food, indulged in ritualistic wine tasting (both organized and non-organized), and enjoyed mostly favorable climate, it’s the people and their culture, both past and present, that have made this country so unique and intriguing. It just so happens to be set within a beautiful backdrop, in the heart of Europe. What has become quite apparent to me, over time, is that the real beauty of this country is being overlooked by its natural beauty.

After landing in Milan, and traveling to quaint Verona for a quick lunch, our first extended time was spent in Venice. A city that is literally sinking, and lacking roadways, transportation is via canals, bridges, and waterways, to the three main islands. Additionally, Venice is surrounded by many historically old buildings, apartments, hotels, businesses and neighborhoods. It’s a city that survived on its bodies of water for its livelihood, for transporting the goods and services they produced and delivered throughout the city and the country. The beauty (both real and natural), and the uniqueness of Venice is quite evident, from the numerous canals, to the craftsmanship and operation of the gondolas, to the world famous Murano Glass Factory, and to the unmistakable history and charm of St. Marks Square, which includes the Basilica, Doge’s Palace and, of course, all those pigeons!

Our next destination, where all 30 in our group stayed for three nights, was in Cortona, which is beautifully surrounded by Lake Trasimeno and the Appenines. Our accommodations included a wonderful 16th century villa, nestled in the mountains of Tuscany. Cortona may appear vaguely familiar to some tourists, as “Under the Tuscan Sun” was filmed here.

The next planned stop, during our 10 day excursion, included an afternoon in the every-street-looks-like-a-post card city of Florence, where art, tourism, and shopping are abundant. A magnificent city, rich



With its delightful historical, cultural and geographical ambiance, Kerala is one of the most beautiful states of India and one of the prime tourist destinations in the world. Travelers from all over the world visit this beautiful Indian state no without reason. There is something for every tourist that grabs the heart of its visitors. Nature has endowed this state with extra-ordinary beauty. You will find lush green landscapes all around the state that offers a great feat to the eyes of its visitors. In whatever the part of the state you travel, it doesn’t matter; you will find amazing places of tourist interest all around the state.


Also known as the God’s Own Country, the Indian state of Kerala has numerous tourist spots and attractions to offer its visitors. Pleasant climate, sun-kissed beaches, breathtakingly beautiful backwaters, verdant hill stations, exotic wildlife, wonderful waterfalls, historical monuments, terrific temples, Ayurvedic health & Spa resorts, enchanting art forms, colorful & vibrant festivals, romantic houseboat cruise over scenic backwaters, lip-smacking cuisine, friendly people and lot more are waiting you and your family for Kerala tours. Exploring Kerala’s beautiful landscapes seems to be exploring the paradise. Rightly the National Geographic Traveler Magazine has declared it one of the ten paradises of the world and one of the top 50 must visit destinations of a lifetime. Surly, it will be a memorable travel experience.


Important tourist destinations of Kerala, South India


Munnar: Hill Destination

Munnar is a small but beautiful hill town of Kerala, set amongst the Kannan Devan Hills and situated at the confluence of three mountain streams – Kundala, Nallathanni, and Mudrapuzha. Adorned with lush green surrounding, lovely lakes, tea estates, green forests, and exceptional beauty Munnar is the prime attraction of every Kerala tour package. The serene and sheer ambiance of this hill town attracts even honeymooners and couples from all around the world for memorable holidays in Kerala, India. It also provides paragliding and other sports on Kerala tours. Other important hill stations are Wynad, Idduki, Ponmudi, etc.


Alleppey: Backwater Destination

Also known as the Venice of the East Alleppey (Alappuzha) is a major backwater destination of Kerala. It is a small but beautiful town of the state and globally famous for its breathtaking backwaters, boat races, houseboat cruise, exotic beaches, and extra-ordinary scenic beauty. It is not only famous for its scenic beauty and backwaters but also for marine products and superior quality coir products. Kerala package tours to Alleppey can make enable you to explore all these attractions. Other backwater destinations of the state are Kumarakom, Trivandrum, Kuttanad, Kollam, etc.


Fort Kochi

Popularly described as the Queen of the Arabian Sea, Kochi is one of the prime tourist destinations of the state. It is the famous port city of Kerala, South India. While you will explore Fort Kochi you will have wonderful opportunity to see and explore several places of tourist interest; such as, Chinese Fishing Nets, exotic beaches, emerald backwaters, monumental heritage, etc. The port city of Kochi, (formerly, Cochin) is considered as the economical capital of Kerala, India. Don’t miss opportunity to visit this important city of India on your dream tour to Kerala .

Kovalam: Beach Destination

Kovalam is one of the most beautiful and globally famous beaches in Kerala. Lined with coconut trees and endowed with natural splendor it is the excellent place of for relaxation and holiday making. It provides excellent ambiance for sun and sea bathing. Ayurvedic treatment center is another attraction of Kovalam. Other beach destinations of Kerala are Fort Kochi, Marai Beach, Alleppey, Beypore, Kumarakom, etc.


Thekkady, Silent Valley, Trivandrum, Kottayam, etc are other worth visiting tourist destinations of beautiful state of Kerala. If you too want to enjoy fascinating charm of the Kerala, select Kerala tour packagebased on your choice and theme and be ready for enjoying fascinating travel and tourism in India.


Kerala is located on the tropical southwestern coast of India. One of the most popular tourist destinations, Kerala attracts tourists from around the globe. Kerala Tours offer a plethora of options, in a culturally rich, naturally salubrious and spectacularly captivating setting. The state has endowed with extraordinary natural beauty and unique culture.


Kerala’s art and architecture, ayurveda and spa, beautiful hill stations with great nature beauty, exotic backwaters, breathtakingly beautiful beaches, lovely lakes, magnificent monuments and temples, nature revitalization and therapy, rich culture and tradition, rare flora and fauna, world class hotels, warm hospitable smiles from its people all these things make this state world’s most loved tourist destination. Truly, an experience of tours in Kerala is something that will be hard to forget. You can experience all of this with your Kerala tour package.


Rich varied and colorful flora and fauna of the state will enthrall you on your Kerala Tour. For nature lovers and honeymooners, beautiful hill stations of the state are paradise on earth.


Kerala backwaters are extremely popular among tourists. Travelers from all over the world honeymoon tour Kerala for experiencing the beauty and charm of its backwaters and beaches. The best way to experience backwaters is to sail in houseboats which provide an excellent opportunity to see palm-fringed water passages, rice fields, traditional villages and captivating surroundings. Several Kerala tour packages provide an opportunity to experience the nature at its best at Kerala backwaters. Beautiful sun-kissed beaches, dotted with coconut trees are a great getaway.


There are several Kerala tour packages available catering to different tastes and needs. Package tours to Kerala enable you to customize your experience of Kerala. All the tours mentioned below include Kerala packages and some also take you to Goa, so you can travel along India’s West coast and enjoy its beauty on your Indian Holiday.