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Venice is often referred to as the most romantic city in the world and it’s really not hard to see why. Just picture yourself meandering around the labyrinth of Venetian canals in a gondola while soaking in the picturesque sights of the city.

Known as the city of canals, Venice reaches across numerous small islands along the Adriatic Sea in northeast Italy. Needless to say, with its strategic location, Venice was a major sea power for the Crusades, as well being an important hub of commerce and art in the Renaissance period. Today, Venice is a charming city that’s filled with an achingly beautiful dreamy feel, not unlike the perfect setting in a fairy tale.

The city was founded due to an influx of refugees following the invasion of northern Italy in 568. For a thousand years, Venice has proven to be a force to be reckoned with as one of the most lasting sea powers.

Venice is formed of more than 100 islands in a shallow lagoon, and having canals is convenient in facilitating transport. Today, these canals are a huge tourist attraction. Gondolas, the classical Venetian boat are used to ferry people around. Locals sometimes use the gondolas for ceremonies like wedding or funerals. Normally, the locals travel along the canals with motorized waterbuses, or vaporetti. Besides hopping on a gondola and exploring the city on water, there are plenty of other sights to visit in this dreamy city.

One of the key places to visit in Venice is the famous Ca’ d’Oro, a stunning palazzo that rests in the Grand Canal. The Ca’dOro, which means golden house, was named due to its appearance; the faade of the structure was covered with a thin layer of gold and polychrome. The palazzo was erected between 1428 and 1430, and its basic design is floral gothic style, in the Venetian way, thanks to architect Giovanni Bon, who undertook the immense responsibility of creating this masterpiece. In appearance, the Ca’dOro looks like an elegant wedding cake.

The palazzo is home to the Galleria Franchetti, an extensive collection of tapestries, paintings and bronzes dating back to the 15th century, with many of them being works of Titian. The balconies of the Palazzo give you a scenic panoramic view of its surroundings.

The ground floor of the palazzo displays mainly religious paintings and sculptures from the 15th and 16th centuries, and on the 2nd floor, you’ll find a diverse collection, with works from Titian, Mantegna, Vivarini, Signorellu and Tintoretto.

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Snapshot of Venice

A Love Affair with Venezia

Venice to the tourist, Venezia to the Italian, and Venexia to the Venetian, but whatever you choose to call it, it is one of Italy’s most captivating cities. This city of canals carves its way through several small islands nestled within the marshy lagoons along the Adriatic Sea, and takes its place as the capital of the Veneto region. With its shoreline embracing the Adriatic, it’s no wonder it was considered a major sea power, making it an important staging ground during the Crusades, a leading area for commerce, and a central inspiration for the arts during the Renaissance.

One only needs to stroll the streets of Venice to feel the whimsical wonderment, which captivates and lures you in to days long gone. The intricate detailed architecture of the buildings will keep you in awe as you wander through every nook and cranny. Though there is a blending of modern alongside the pieces of the past, the newness has not overshadowed the splendor of this ancient city, which was founded in 568 following the emigration of refugees escaping the invasion of northern Italy by the Lombards. The narrow paths and walkways are not only crowded by tourists, but the ghosts of yesterday hauntingly carry you along your journey, as you step back in time.

Whether you are there for its beauty or a connoisseur of sorts, Venice will offer up a dish of something for everyone. Though often crowded by tourists, this city is not hard to navigate at all. Once you abandon your car at a parking garage/lots, or step off the Train at Venezia S. Lucia station, the paths are clearly marked by yellow signs pointing the path of the most common sites visited in Venice. In addition, there are many water taxi/bus stations along the canal, each having maps noting your location; and if you are feeling intimidated and unsure, you can purchase a water taxi/bus ticket and tour the city by boat.

The streets of Venice are lined with small shops, selling everything from souvenirs, Murano glass, carnivale masks, art, jewelry, clothes, food, wine, bread, gelato, and more. There are open-air markets where you can buy fresh produce, meats, cheeses, and souvenirs. One of these al fresco markets can be found at the famous and oldest bridge in Venice, The Rialto, which spans across the Grand Canal. The Rialto, itself, consists of two covered inclined ramps, which lead to the central portico. Small shops line the covered ramps of the Rialto.



The voluptuous “bride of the sea”—Venice is city of northeast Italy. The gorgeous “Queen of the Adriatic” —Venice stretches across 118 islets within a lagoon in the Gulf of Venice, an arm of the Adriatic Sea.

Locally dubbed as ‘the Most Serene One’—Venice is a pleasing placid place bountifully blessed with rare beauties of nature.

Venice has long been the city of numerous romantic charms. The city was an important commercial and cultural hub in the Renaissance era. The sixteenth century was the age of flourishing art. The city became one of the most important musical centers of Europe, and the era witnessed the birth of the Venetian school of music. The composers such as Adrian Willaert, Ottaviano Petrucci, Andrea and Giovanni Gabrieli flourished during the century. Shakespeare beautifully portrayed the beautiful city of gondolas in ‘the merchant of Venice’ and ‘Othello’.

Today’s Venice is the city of never fading beauty. It is one of the most desired tourist destinations of the world offering highly vibrant nightlife. Home to numerous museums and art galleries, Venice is a dream destination of a connoisseur.

Venice is widely known for museums and art galleries that are precious gems of the city. Here are some fine glimpses of famous “Venetian Museums & Galleries.”

Accademia (the Gallerie dell’Accademia): The gallery offers wonderful collection of the Venetian painting from 1300 to 1700 including Paolo Veneziano’s Coronation of Mary, Carpaccio’s Crucifixion and Apotheosis, Giovanni Bellini’s Madonna with Child between Saints Catherine and Mary Magdalen, Giorgione’s Tempest, Lorenzo Lotto’s Portrait of a Young Gentleman in His Studio, Paolo Veronese’s Feast in the House of Levi, and Tintoretto’s Theft of St Mark’s Body and Crucifixion.

Peggy Guggenheim Collection: The rich American heiress, Peggy Guggenheim’s opulent collection in the Palazzo Venier dei Leoni is one of the most notable collections of modern art in Italy. The collection features the artistic movements of Cubism, European Abstraction and Surrealism with notable works by Brancusi, Marino Marini, Kandinsky, Picasso, Magritte, Rothko, Max Ernst, Dali and Jackson Pollock.

Palazzo Grassi: An imposing white monumental marble mansion on the Grand Canal of Venice, Palazzo Grassi is a world famous art and history museum with a 600-seat garden theatre. The palatial museum is widely known of art exhibitions, and some of the recent past shows have featured artists Picasso, Modigliani, and Balthus, and historical subjects such as the Phoenicians and Etruscans.

Ca’ d’Oro (Palazzo Santa Sofia): One of the most beautiful palazzos on the Grand Canal in Venice, Ca’ d’Oro (golden house) is known for its gilt and polychrome external decorations. The elegant palazzo designed by Giovanni Bon and his son Bartolomeo Bon and built between 1425 and 1434 is now an exquisite art gallery that is open for public. The Ca’ d’Oro houses the Galleria Franchetti, an impressive collection of bronzes, tapestries and paintings.

Ca’ Rezzonico: A beautiful palazzo on the Grand Canal in Venice, Ca’ Rezzonico is a public museum dedicated to 18th century Venice. The museum houses numerous paintings by such artists as Pietro Longhi, Francesco Guardi and Giandomenico Tiepolo, collections of antique furniture, a fine collection of Venetian glass, etc. etc.

Naval History Museum (Museo Storico Navale) & Arsenale: This museum is full of fantastic interesting maritime objects, including the banners that were flown by the Venetian fleet at Lepanto.

Museo della Fond. Scientifica Querini Stampalia: The beautiful residence of the Querini-Stampalia family became a museum after the death of Giovanni in 1868. The museum houses furniture, textiles and collector’s items from the 16th century including a collection of paintings from the works of Bellini, Palma, Ricci, etc. etc.

Palazzo Cini: The former residence of Vittorio Cini, Palazzo Cini now houses his art collection, different Tuscan paintings, including works by Piero della Francesca, Botticelli, Filippo Lippi and Giunta Pisano. The museum also features numerous admirable objects, ornaments, chandeliers, furniture, porcelain, carpets, textiles, and the works from the Florentine workshop of Baldassare degli Embriachi, who made ivory objects.

Palazzo Labia – Salone del Tiepolo: The palace built from Istria stone in the 17th century features a fresco on the walls painted by Tiepolo.

Museo Dipinti Sacri Bizantini – Istituto Ellenico: This fine museum is located next to the San Giorgio dei Greci church. The museum houses a rich collection of Byzantine icons from Greece and Venice that date from the 14th to the 18th centuries. The museum also features a large variety of religious objects and artifacts from the life of Jesus and Saints, and a collection of documents and archives on the history of the Greek colonies in Venice.

Addionally, the city of Venice has numerous beautiful churches and little less famed museums and art galleries.


Veniceis one of the tourist capitals in Italy ; with Rome , Florence and Naples it shares the flow of tourists in Italy . A living history that stays in every city’s corner and the characteristic that makes Venice an unique reality all over the world: having developed itself into the Gulf in the North of Adriatic Sea.

The hotel accommodation offer is wide and with high level quality; both the hotels that are present in the town center than the ones in the city districts. But Venice is not only tourism, it is also a lovely city where living and staying.

The choice is varied and allows several living solutions: it is possible to buy Venice luxury residences full of that history characterizing the city, its magical and breath less landscapes.

These residences represent the ideal solution for those ones want to invest wide amount of money in something that is more than an house, but a dream becoming truth.

Even if the city territory is not so wide, it offers many living possibilities for the ones that want to live the city not only as tourists. In fact, the city offers not only luxury accommodations but also many apartments in Venice that represent a perfect solution for limiting the purchasing costs but enjoying at the same time of a dreaming city.

Venice calle , the breath less bridges, the landscapes of a city built on a so dynamic element as water, the signs of time, of water flowing and tides marked on building walls are the advantage reserved to the Venetians.


Are you a decent nightlife buff? Are you planning to set out to Venice to enjoy the beautiful city’s comely nightlife? If your answer is affirmative, you are planning absolutely right.

You know, Venice is the gorgeous “Queen of the Adriatic.” It’s a beautiful city of northeast Italy built on 118 islets within a lagoon in the Gulf of Venice, an arm of the Adriatic Sea.

Often dubbed as “bride of the sea,” Venice is the city with unspeakable romances hidden in her bosom. The city is widely known for is sensual romantic aroma. It’s a pleasing placid promised land eternally kissed and fondled by sea. Venetians call it “the most serene one.”

Venice, the capital of the Venice province and Veneto region, is the “city of canals.” The city has a wonderful network of canals with the Grand Canal serving as its main canal. It’s a city of gondolas and boats moving around. It’s been beautifully pictured by Shakespeare in ‘the merchant of Venice’ and ‘Othello’. Italy’s major port, Venice is the industrial, financial, commercial, and cultural hub of the country.

Venice is not the destination that will offer you extremely boisterous carousing nocturnal action. However it’s the best place to enjoy sitting in moonlit bathed “Piazza San Marco” and enjoying the melodies from the cafes’ outdoor orchestras, with a perfect opera set of illuminating basilica before you.

The city has long and rich tradition of classical music. You can always find musical concerts going on somewhere. There are a number of churches and confraternities, such as San Stefano, San Stae, the Scuola di San Giovanni Evangelista, and the Scuola di San Rocco hosting classical music concerts, with local and international artists performing there. The Chiesa di Vivaldi has always been the most popular venue for the music of Vivaldi and his contemporaries.

Venice offers very decent nightlife that is mainly centered in the many cafe/bars in Piazza San Marco, one of the finest pizzas of the world. Piazza San Marco is the place magnetizing most of the tourist or nightlife buffs. It’s the most opulent and the posh place to linger over a Campari or cappuccino.

On the south side of the piazza, the 18th Century reminiscent Cafe Florian (San Marco) with the most theatrical inside is extremely famous. The place offers a million-dollar romantic setting including expensive alfresco seating to enjoy alfresco melodies with your loved ones. Some of the other options include Caffè Lavena, cafe Quadri, Caffè Chioggia, etc.

Bar Dandolo is a nice place to enjoy a goblet or two of drinks in chilly inclement weather and to relish the melodies of pianist that plays from 7 to 9pm and from 10pm to 12:30am. The drinks are little expensive, so ‘checking out the rate list’ is the better idea. Green Pub, Bareto Rosso and Bar Salus are some other options available in the city.

Campo Santo Stefano is good place to sit and enjoy. Bar/Gelateria Paolin and Gelateria Nico are one of the city’s best ice-cream sources. Campo San Bartolomeo, Campo San Luca, Campo Santa Margherita are some popular places for hanging out for young crowd.

Although Venice boasts of a number of night clubs and discos, the city seldom gets widely bouncy at nights. Le Bistrot de Venise is popular venue for occasional evenings of live music, cabaret, or late-night relaxing.

The Devil’s Forest Pub (San Marco) is popular point for relaxing, socializing over a beer, and having some nice time playing games like backgammon, chess, and Trivial Pursuit. It serves A variety of simple pasta dishes and fresh sandwiches run from 3€ to 6€ ($3.75-$7.50). El Moro Pub (Castello 4531) is great place for “Beering.” Bácaro Jazz (Rialto, San Marco) is Cocktail-bar offering drinks along with the mix of jazzy music, rough plank walls, industrial-steel tables, and a corrugated aluminum ceiling.

Paradiso Perduto (Cannaregio 2540, on Fondamenta della Misericordia) is popular for live jazz shows. Famous for offering good food at reasonable prices, it’s extremely popular with Americans and other foreign tourists. Torino@Notte (San Marco 459) is bar that makes life highly peppy after dark with live jazz nights. Harry’s Bar (at the San Marco-Vallaresso Vaporetto) stop is famous for Bellini, a mix of champagne and peach juice.

Venice is often a serene city, but if you want little disco out, Piccolo Mondo (Dorsoduro 1056, near the Accademia) is a disco/pub featuring America’s latest dance music and live music shows. The club is often frequented by lively tourists and young Venetians. Casanova (Near the train station on Lista di Spoagna) is another dance club/bar/restaurant that opens at 6 pm; restaurant stays open until midnight, and disco stays open until 4 am.

Located at Palazzo Vendramin Calergi, the remarkable 15th-century palazzo on the Grand Canal, Casino Municipale di Venezia offers nice gambling opportunities in Venice.

On the whole, Venice is a connoisseur’s delight. The exquisite city is stuffed with a number of beautiful sites offering nice views of ocean, elegant edifices, museums & galleries, parks, theaters, and fine hotels. You should check and book your Venice hotel before setting out forth.