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While Rome, affectionately referred to as la Città Eterna (“the Eternal City”), is often visited due to its rich history, its stunning architecture or renowned cuisine, later this month from the 18th to the 27th of October, visitors can experience the Rome Film Festival. Although it is only in its second year, it has attracted a high number of private sponsors, and the City Council of Rome, in the name of the Mayor and film-buff Walter Veltroni, the Province of Rome and the Lazio Region all strongly support it both in terms of institutional communication and economic investment.

The actual title of the festival in Italian is Festa, which could be translated as feast, not festival, and is apt, since it is more a celebration of the joy of cinema than a regular film festival. Indeed, though the Rome Film Festival’s jury includes a renowned director as its president, last year Ettore Scola, the rest of the 50 jurors are not film professionals but are, in fact, regular moviegoers selected both in Italy and Europe.

Although it enjoys fierce rivalry with the Venice Film Festival, The Rome Film Festival has attracted its own audience and this year will host the world premiere of 11 new films. Among the most exciting is ‘Youth Without Youth’ – Francis Ford Coppola’s first feature film in a decade. The film is about a timid Romanian professor who becomes young again after being hit by lightning. The five-time Oscar-winning director wrote the film based on a novella by Romanian philosopher-author Mircea Eliade and has been described as his “third renaissance” after ‘Apocalypse Now’ and ‘The Godfather’.

Coppola’s film appears out of competition, along with a number of American films exploring the political climate post 9/11. These include Robert Redford’s ‘Lions for Lambs’ and Gavin Hood’s ‘Rendition’. ‘Lions for Lambs’ stars Tom Cruise and Meryl Streep and tells the story of two soldiers wounded behind enemy lines in Afghanistan and the repercussions back home. ‘Rendition’ is about an American woman trying to track down her Egyptian-born husband, who is held at a secret CIA detention centre. It also stars Meryl Streep, as well as Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon.

The 14 movies in competition for the top Marcus Aurelius award for Best Film include ‘El Pasado’ (The Past), with Mexican actor Gael Garcia Bernal, ‘Li Chun’ (translated as ‘And the Spring Comes’) from China’s Chang Wei Gu, ‘Barcelona (un mapa)’ (translated as ‘Barcelona, a Map’) by Spain’s Ventura Pons and Alain Corneau’s ‘La Deuxieme Souffle’ (translated as ‘Second Wind’), starring Monica Bellucci and Daniel Auteuil. Separate awards for Best Actress and Best Actor, as well as a special jury prize, will also be handed out.

In addition to the more mainstream fare, the festival also boasts dedicated sections for alternative productions and documentaries, children films, first films by new directors and the craft of acting.

Visitors wishing to experience the Rome Film Festival can take advantage of cheap flights to Rome’s two main international airports, Leonardo da Vinci International Airport, more commonly known as “Fiumicino airport”, and Ciampino International Airport. From either airport travellers can catch a train or bus or arrange private transfer to get to their final destination with ease. Hotels in Rome can be booked online in advance, which is recommended, especially due to the popularity of the festival. Last year’s inaugural edition attracted half-a-million visitors and this year is looking to top that.


Berlin, quite surprisingly, has more water surfaces and bridges (650 approx) than Venice, Amsterdam and Stockholm put together! This beautiful capital city and heartbeat of Germany, Berlin is a fascinating place year round with a vast array of attractions to entice all visitors to it again and again especially in the Winter months when its 7 Christmas Markets are out in full force. From traditional markets selling Christmas arts and crafts including hand-blown glass objects, jewellery to mulled wine and cinnamon buns, visiting these markets is a fantastic and fun lead up to Christmas for all the family.

Sightseeing is intense in Berlin…from the remnants of the former Wall to the Brandenburg Gate to Checkpoint Charlie, there is a lot to see in Berlin. A short city break is usually not enough to take in all the historical sights of this legendary city and a second visit is usually imminent on any first-time traveller’s agenda. The transport system in Berlin is, justifiably, known as one of the most efficient in Europe and connects Berlin with the rest of Germany and European countries.

With so many airlines operating routes to Berlin’s main international Tegel airport and a whole crop of low cost carriers now flying to Schonefeld Airport too, it’s never been easier to visit Berlin. Berlin specialists, offer fantastic, low prices for a city break to Berlin. They combine cheap flight and discounted hotel packages at top quality hotels including the 5 star Westin Grand Hotel. Check out the offers now as these prices are unbelievably excellent value for money and are not going to be around forever!

As Berlin is just an hour’s flying time from the UK, it makes for the perfect city break, both midweek and weekend. Whether for shopping, sightseeing or for the Christmas Markets, Berlin also makes a great culinary break for food lovers. Try authentic sauerkraut, spicy sausages, schnitzels and pretzels washed down with one of the 800 varieties of beers found in the Bavarian region of Germany. I would recommend you visit Berlin at any time of the year but more so at Christmas when the city is lit up by thousands of twinkling lights and the air is crisp with a hint of snowfall beginning to cloak the city with its velvety texture – that’s the best time to go to Berlin!


Slovenia property investment is hot and it has recently been named one of the best 10 countries to invest in the world. This article will look at Slovenia property investment and the potential for capital growth which has been estimated at up to 280% over the next ten years.

When investing in overseas property a number of factors need to be considered which include:

The countries Political stability, economic growth and housing values at the present compared to possible future growth.

Slovenia property investing has become popular with savvy property investors all over the world, due to its potential to earn great capital growth and solid rental incomes from the buoyant buy-to-let market.

1. Economy

One of the newest members of the European Union (joining in 2004) with the top performing economy of any of the recent member states.

Government macro economic policies have seen Slovenia achieve and sustain great growth.

The Slovenian economy features:

Small external imbalances and public debt, while at the same time lowering inflation and keeping interest rates in line with the rest of the euro economy. EU entry has increased confidence which in turn has increased trade and increased growth, and overseas investment has increased steadily as a result and this has also seen property investment rise dramatically.

Per capita incomes have reached about 80 percent of EU-average for year end 2006.

With growth rates running at around 5% per annum Slovenia’s economic future looks solid. It is this economic expansion which is driving house prices up, as higher incomes and people looking for second overseas homes has increased the demand for quality housing stock.

2. Geography & Communications

Slovenia is only small, compact country and is around half the size of Switzerland or the size of Wales, yet it is beautiful with diverse scenic beauty.

Located to the east of the Trieste region of Italy, it also has borders with Croatia, Austria and Hungary making it a country at the crossroads between the established western economies and the new emerging nations of the east.

Slovenia makes a great base to explore a host of nearby countries and attractions – Venice, Prague and Budapest are all within a day trip.

Many investors who buy a Slovenia investment property are skiers. You can Ski in three countries in one day with one ski pass in these three countries Italy, Austria and of course Slovenia

Slovenia has good infrastructure and communications which is great news for the economy and tourism generally.

With budget airlines flying direct to Slovenia and offering frequent and cheap flights, more people are getting easy access to the delights of this country.

3. Beauty

Slovenia is a beautiful country. The country features all the following:

Stunning mountains, tranquil lakes, alpine forests, valleys, dotted with vineyards and finally, a beautiful stretch of Adriatic coastline. There are also bustling cities and towns such as the capital Ljubljana, the coastal town of Piran with their many attractions and plenty more. Ljubljana is popular with investors and has been compared to Prague and features beautiful baroque architecture, lovely church spires and a cosmopolitan atmosphere.

There is much to enjoy and that leads on to next point which is boosting Slovenia property investment.

4. Tourism

Tourism is rapidly becoming one of the most important industries in Slovenia, as it catches up with its neighbors who have promoted their tourist industries more aggressively until now.

5. Quality Housing

The capital has become popular with overseas property investors, who are taking advantage of growth rates of 30 – 40% per annum. The city reflects the economic growth of the country and new housing is lagging behind demand. This is due to strict local planning laws, which are restricting the flow of quality housing and demand is out stripping supply.

Primorska on the coast and the mountainous area of Gorenjska are the next most expensive places to buy in Slovenia but offer great returns.

6. A Boom in Its Infancy

Property booms tend to last for a long time and the boom in Slovenia investment property looks to be no different. With prices starting at around £40,000 and a wide choice of areas that remain relatively undeveloped there is a wide choice to suit all tastes and budgets.

7. Potential

With capital growth forecast to be up to 280% for the next decade, Slovenian investment property offers solid returns in a safe and stable environment.

You can of course also get rental incomes in the major towns such as Ljubljana and a host of other developing areas offering Slovenian property for sale which include:

The holiday resorts of Lake Bled and Lake Bohinj, Maribor, the beautiful coastal city of Piran and the ski resorts of the Kranska Gora region, as well as the Soca Valley – an area of outstanding natural beauty.

8. Ease of Purchase

The buying process in Slovenia is designed to protect both buyers and sellers and local finance is also available from banks and secured locally on the property. All details are held at a central Land registry, making ownership rights clearly visible to all – which is not the case in many countries!

9. Its Safe & Friendly

Slovenia has friendly, helpful, courteous people and an absence of serious crime making it a welcoming country which leaves an impression on all who visit the country.

Slovenia property Investment offers overseas buyers a lot and buying property in Slovenia has never been more popular and it’s easy to see why.

Discover Slovenia property investment and you maybe glad you did.


Planning to spend holidays in a pleasant and cool destination is unquestionably a good idea. And there is no better place on earth then Europe. Europe has been a tourists spot for centuries, soothing mind and spirit of the travellers. You can consider numbers of reasons to fly to Europe, the majestic and iconic castles and buildings, farm yards, road side taverns, food, natural views, mountains clad with snow, pastures and pilgrimage shrines and such. The natural sceneries leave a deep impact in ones mind. The cliffs and peninsula of this continent are beyond words. The beautiful parks and top-ranking golf courses, outstanding and expeditious ancestral heritage fascinates the mind. If you are obsessed with ancient monuments and archives then Europe will not let you down

To make you crazy and continue your shopping spree there are shopping malls and stores with every sort of commodities. Some of the best vacation spots are Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London, Madrid, Milan, Munich, Paris, Rome Venice, Greece and Zurich.

For many decades, Europe is a hot destination for vacation Europe, for both tourist and its residents. It is a place where one can explore the cultural density and diversity. One could experience the Utopia’s nature in such an atmosphere and society. Recently, Europe is marked as the healthiest vacation spot by newspapers.

Before deciding to fly for Europe, you should acquire some knowledge concerning appropriate season and place to be there. Persons should take the help of guide books and comprehensively read the sources. It is more rewarding if you take the aid of online directory and browse them.

It has become easier to make frequent visits to Europe because of sophisticated technology. The adroitly engineered aircrafts and cruises are capable of executing this desire. For quick reservations, use the online reservation procedure as it saves time and convenient from anywhere.

You can make Europe Vacation memorable by enjoying with your dear ones to the fullest.


What are your plans for the weekend? Is a weekend break in Europe in your agenda? A break from the hectic lifestyle is wanted for everyone. No one likes to retreat to the confines of their home. In fact they want to explore the whole world outside their offices. That is true, we are dealing with more than enough of pressure in our offices. We shall just make the most out of our off days. Getting away from the country literally turns to getting away from everything that puts you under pressure. Now weekend breaks in Europe are quite common.

What makes weekend breaks in Europe so common? It is the advancement in technology and opening up of newer aerial routes between US and European destinations that help one plan a short outing to Europe. The charm of Venice, London, Paris, among many others are a passion for people like me for unknown reasons. Some people may also have nostalgic feelings to visit the motherland of their parents. The idea of flying out of the country also is an inspiration for many.

The nostalgic feeling we have towards Europe is true. Many among us have parents or parents’ parents in different parts of Europe. My wife and I visited Germany last year, primarily to visit her ailing mother. The trip turned out to be a great experience for both of us. She now wants weekend breaks in Europe every now and then, and me I am not satisfied with the short trips. Let me see how I can make the trips longer.

It is quite simple and easy to plan weekend breaks in Europe. You don’t even have to leave the seat you are sitting on now to book a European trip. Just open Google in this page or another page and key in “weekend breaks in Europe” and you will be presented with a large number of travel packages specially designed for weekend travelers who want to explore the locations of serenity in Europe.

Different packages are always available. Check out the websites of different travel agencies that offer weekend Europe packages. Soon you will be flying to Europe more frequently to spend your weekends.


Amsterdam the official capital of the Netherlands, stays on the banks of two bodies of water, the IJ bay and the Amstel river. Founded in the late 12th century as a little fishing village on the banks of the Amstel, it is at this time the most larger city in the country and its financial and cultural centre. Amsterdam is not a common city in that it has all the benefits of a substantial city culture, history, food, entertainment, good transport with just some of the disadvantages: it is physically tiny, Incredible, fairly silent, and mostly thanks to the canals, has in some measure little traffic.

Whether you want to visit world distinguished museums, wander along idyllic canals, bask in the glow of the Red Light District, amplify your education of beer or smoke a monster joint, Time Out Amsterdam will tell you the path. Staying at Amsterdam is a breeze and because of its flat terrain, most of the city dwellers manage bicycles to drive in town. Amsterdam also has great public transportation such as trams, a great subway system and the central train station. Housing, especially low savings account accommodation, could be difficult to come up with while in summer and out there Easter and Christmas. It pays to make plans ahead of time

Not much of the low budget hotels or hostels have a internet image, so you eventually will have to get through them promptly by phone or fax or browsing on the internet at Amsterdam is one of the best tourist destinations in Europe. Everybody fall in complete love with the Wonderful canals, old cobblestone streets and Beautiful Dutch architecture. Amsterdam is talk about to as the Venice of the north and has a lot of romantic waterways where you and your beautiful partner can spend high quality time together. I dont care what budget you got, you could enjoy Amsterdam.

I recommend you visit Amsterdam and have a good time, plan ahead of time and book your flights with enough time so you can get the best prices in the market. If you buy your flight tickets months ahead you will get incredible offers and discounted prices.


“This is not Italy, USA!” : Traveling Points for Americans

While enduring every traveler’s nightmare, a layover at the under-construction Charles de Gaulle airport, Paris, France, we watched with exhausted dismay as the electronic departure sign intermittedly displayed and then removed our last-leg flight into Venice. After having flown for eight hours through the night, a sleepless one at that, our group was tired, cranky, and out of sorts…we wanted to get on the next plane only to get off of it ASAP. Still, there’s no excuse for bad behavior, especially when one’s feet are resting upon foreign soil. Watching for any sign that our flight via Air France was again on the board, we grew bored and started people watching. I don’t know which was worse, that feeling of being stuck in an airport or being stuck in the characterization as one of many rude, uncouth traveling Americans. Yet I could see why the French disliked those from the US, on that day, I witnessed several Americans demand in loud voices for their flight to be rescheduled…yesterday. It would have been comical, had it not been so crass…and unreasonable. I cringed and not for the last time during our nine day excursion at some Americans’ ridiculous and impolite behavior toward our very gracious and accommodating Italian hosts.

Fast forward another eight hours, our entire tour group of thirty-eight men and women are happily ensconced at the Hotel Saturnia where every guest is treated with the utmost courtesy and respect, so it was a simple matter to respond in kind. Still there were moments during the upcoming days when we witnessed more uncivil and even bizarre behavior from fellow US citizens. At times, we wanted to run interference and offer apologies. Finally, we realized that some Americans were simply unaware of how their attitudes and actions were affecting native Venetians. Time for an education.

According to Hotel Saturnia’s chief concierge, Andrea Scarpa, Americans, despite their foibles and lack of travel savvy are still considered “fantastic” in comparison to guests from across the globe. Scarpa says that what Italians most appreciate about Americans visiting their country is their expression and appreciation upon receiving a good meal (as in spaghetti) or after a good rest (as in a hot shower). Americans almost always make their requests for the best restaurants, shopping, etc…kindly, warmly, and they tip better than most Europeans as well. Kudos to Americans for expressing


Birmingham used to be the city of the car, to the extent that pedestrians in the city centre came a poor second. This is no longer true, Birmingham has inner and outer ring roads that keep traffic out of the way, an orbital motorway system so that passing traffic doesn’t even have to be near the city and a fully pedestrianised shopping zone. A combination of elevated highways and underground tunnels speedily carries traffic that does have to pass through the city centre away from the shopping and business areas. With its central location in the heart of England Birmingham is well served by road, rail, air and canal.

The city of Birmingham is ringed by a network of motorways, from which the city centre can be accessed. These are the M42 to the east and south, the M5 – to the west and the M6 to the north. The junction of the M5 and M6 heading north had for many years been a cause of major delays as the motorways were carrying twice the volume of traffic they were designed for. The M6 Toll Road was opened in 2003 to relieve this congestion; it is the only toll motorway in The UK and runs for 43km (27 miles) from the M42 at Coleshill to the M6 at Cheslyn Hay. The main route connecting Birmingham and London is by using the M6 which joins the M1 near Rugby.

Heading north the M6 continues on to Carlisle. The Gravelly Hill interchange is a route by which traffic on the M6 accesses the city. The interchange is known affectionately as Spaghetti Junction, due to the tangle of elevated roads and underpasses that make up the junction. Motorists new to Birmingham can be confused by the A38(M) at Gravelly Hill. It has seven lanes and operates a ‘tidal’ system in the middle-lane. If you have to travel through the city from north to south, using the Queensway tunnel system makes it an easy journey. A series of three inter-connected tunnels means you can avoid a whole lot of traffic trouble.

The main railway station for Birmingham is New Street, in the heart of the city. With a footfall of 35 million passengers a year it is the busiest railway station outside of London. Many train operators use the station, but Central and Virgin Trains are the two main users. Virgin operate the lucrative express London-Birmingham mainline route, the fastest journey time for this is 1 hour 21 minutes. Virgin also operates the main south-west to the north routes, many of which pass through and stop at Birmingham New Street. As well as operating local commuter trains Central run many other services such as those between Liverpool & Norwich and Nottingham & Cardiff. There are two other stations in the city centre; Moor Street (at the east of the city centre) and Snow Hill (at the north of the city centre) which are connected by a railway tunnel. The main train operators from these stations are Central and Chiltern Railways.

Central Trains again run local commuter services, as far as Worcester, Stratford-Upon-Avon and Wolverhampton. Chilton Railways operate a service that runs to London Marylebone; this is a service that stops frequently with a fastest journey time of 2 hours 7 minutes. Most journeys begin at Snow Hill with the option of joining the train at Moor Street.

The main coach station in Birmingham is Digbeth, to the south of the city centre. The main coach operator from Digbeth is National Coaches who offer services to all other major towns and cities. whose main operator is National Coaches. The fastest journey time to London Victoria Coach station is 2 hours 50 minutes, but can cost less than 10 GBP one way. Megabus, which operates from the city centre, offers a similar service.

Birmingham Airport is to the east of the city and is the fifth largest airport in the UK. 50 airlines operate out of it to over 100 destinations daily. The airport does handle inter-continental flights, however most flights are to and from European destinations. The airport also used by freight carriers and charter flight operators.

Birmingham has an excellent public transport system operated by Network West Midlands, which integrates public transport across the region. The city has a modern fleet of buses operated by Travel West Midlands that are able to utilise ‘bus only’ lanes on the main arterial routes, an excellent local commuter railway network that befits the second city and is only surpassed by London’s. Centro is the current operator of this franchise. The rail network is fully integrated with the bus services and many of the railway stations have free park-and-ride facilities. Midland Metro is a light rail/tram system that operates from Birmingham Snow Hill and Wolverhampton city centre, via Wednesbury.

It is a fact that Birmingham has more canals than Venice. Whilst still used to transport some freight around the country, they are now more likely to be used by leisure craft. Once the transport highway of the nation, Birmingham is at the confluence of 4 major canals; the Dudley & Stourbridge, the Grand Union, the Stratford and the Worcester & Birmingham canal.


By far the most popular destination for Europeans who take overseas holidays is Spain – but a Spanish airline has surprised many by opening a new route to holiday competitor Malta – which is riding the crest of a tourism wave after some years in the doldrums.

Vueling, a Spanish low cost airline, started flying to Malta three times a week from early April, with the route of Spain’s capital Madrid to Malta’s Luqa Airport.

The Spanish airline was set up just four years ago and already has 24 aircraft in her fleet, and before the announcement of the new Malta service flies to nearly sixty different destinations, and passenger traffic grew an impressive 75 per cent year on year to November 2007, when it carried nearly half a million passeners in that month alone.

Current destinations for the airline include internal Spanish flights to Alicante, serving the Costa Blanca region, and Malaga for the Costa del Sol – both ideal to escape from the city for a golfing or sailing break, or just to spend some time on the beach. With low prices a weekend break is affordable and easy for those working and living in the Spanish capital.

Less surprising in the routes the airline flies to are Nice in the South of France, Milan in Italy, which allows easy access to the Swiss Alps – and Venice, ideal for a romantic couple of days away.

Choosing Malta as a destination for Spanish tourists is a clear example of how Malta is successfully diversifying from her main holiday trade from the UK, which has formed the vast majority of her tourists in recent decades. Allowing low cost airlines to fly to the island’s Luqa Airport has boosted the Malta holidays and hotel trade tremendously in the last two years.

New official figures show that last year’s all important summer season was the best in six years for holidays to Malta, reversing the decline in fortunes for the Mediterranean island.

The good news for Malta is that despite the increase in the number of tourists arriving on the island via low cost flights, the occupancy levels of hotels has increased across the accommodation range from basic to 5 star, showing that Malta can appeal to all.

Further good news for Malta came from the figures for hotels and holidays with the news that while the number of arrivals from her traditional UK market rose by eleven per cent, the number of people from Germany visiting Malta increased by a third in 2007, adding strength to the holidays industry that has been reliant on tourism from one country in the past, and even Spanish tourists now visiting the island.

Both Germany and the UK have seen new low cost flight operators sucessfully applying to fly to Malta, and the increase in tourism can largely be put down to them, but with Spanish and Scandanavian airlines taking an interest Malta could see a real cosmopolitan mix arrive for a holiday this year, further diversifying the mix of European tourists the island welcomes for their holidays.


Anyone visiting Istanbul on a holiday is sure to love the city’s most staggering landmark: the Haghia Sophia. As Istanbul’s most remarkable building, the Haghia Sophia stands out amongst the city’s sea of stunning architecture, acting as a solid testament to Turkey’s long and ancient history. What’s more, the Haghia Sophia has changed its faith twice over the years; but, whatever your religion, the stunning beauty of the Haghia Sophia is sure to appeal to your aesthetic senses.

The most famous church in the Christian kingdom during the medieval ages, the Haghia Sophia was designed by two mathematicians from Athens during the reign of the Byzantine Emperor Justinian, who aimed to create a structure that supported the world’s largest dome. Constructed in 535 AD, the Haghia Sophia – whose name means Divine Wisdom – remained the largest dome in the world until St Peter’s was erected in Rome. At the time of its construction, the dome of Haghia Sophia was so unusual for the architectural climate of the time that some faithful Christians refused to enter it for fear that the ceiling would fall on their heads!

During the Fourth Crusade and the sacking of Constantinople by the Venetians in 1204 AD, the Haghia Sophia saw many of its ancient treasures being stolen and taken off back to Venice. As the most sacred space in the city, the Haghia Sophia saw its holiest of relics stolen – including a trace of Christ’s blood, a piece of the Holy Cross and relics of St. John and St James – which were then taken to churches all around Western Europe and lost from the sight of Constantinople. However, the Venetians did not manage to steal Haghia Sophia’s precious stone porphyry columns which, during the time of construction, were floated along the Nile to Constantinople, from what is now Sudan.

The fall of Constantinople in the fifteenth century saw the advent of the Ottoman Empire, and in 1453 the Haghia Sophia was turned into a mosque. This development saw the building’s many mosaics being either destroyed or covered with plaster, due to the ban on representational images in Islam. However, in the 1930s, a large number of mosaics were restored by a team from the American Byzantine Institute so people who visit the Haghia Sophia today can enjoy these important artistic monuments to the Byzantine Empire.

Today, the Haghia Sofia has been transformed into the Ayasofya Museum; so people who visit Istanbul will be able to enjoy its ancient treasures and diverse history. And as many airlines offer frequent flights to Istanbul from London, you’ll find it easy to get to this timeless monument of Turkey’s turbulent history.